What Can TRIRIGA Mobile Solutions Do for You

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Every organization wants to stay productive, but in some industries, productivity pays bigger dividends than others. This is particularly true for field service and workforce management, where companies are always looking for ways to incrementally boost efficiency and cut down on labor costs.

But what if these small optimizations weren’t the best approach? What if workforce managers looked for solutions that let them drastically improve efficiency by building on the existing TRIRIGA infrastructure they already have?

Data published by Oracle shows that an organization with 5,000 employees and a payroll of $300 million could save $6 million annually in productivity and labor costs through smarter workforce management. And in terms of integrated workforce management systems (IWMS) like TRIRIGA, mobile solutions are the best way to find these results.

Master Your Workflows

Solutions like TRIRIGA revolutionize an organization’s project management workflows.

Just think about the administrative burden you currently face in this area. Field technicians must log task details on their phones or on paper and wait to upload project details until they return from the field. And if the system is more complicated than they expected, they must return to the office and look up technical documents in TRIRIGA. The system works—but it’s not elegant.

Instead, consider how a TRIRIGA mobile app could change this process. With the right applications, your technicians can access many of TRIRIGA’s features right from their mobile  devices. They can take photos, upload notes, review in-depth technical documents, and even communicate with other specialists.

This is a simple way to speed up data entry, a singular improvement that can produce big benefits to an organization. Oracle’s research mentioned above showed that retailers with $5 billion in annual revenue and 60,000 employees can save $2.5 million annually through more streamlined entry administration.

But mobile apps for TRIRIGA aren’t just productivity tools. They offer an entirely new way of looking at workforce management.

Improve Performance Indicators

With a better system of workforce management in place, KPIs will naturally improve. Just imagine how much easier it would be to achieve more first-time fixes by having TRIRIGA in your pocket. Technicians can easily assess the condition of any facility they’re in and submit new work orders, maintenance logs, or inspection requests right from their devices. They don’t need to return to the office to submit these details because they can do everything right from their devices and include vital information about the request.

With this, project managers project managers gain more data on potential maintenance problems and can better equip their technicians before leaving for the site. In turn, these technicians will be prepared to handle whatever issues come their way without needing to schedule follow-up appointments.

Establish a Single Source of Truth

This is a less-discussed benefit of mobile app solutions for TRIRIGA, but it’s one of the most valuable aspects of the mobile strategy. When you empower your team with always-on mobile connectivity, you eliminate silos in your operation: unentered project data, paperwork orders, tickets that haven’t been closed, and any other data point that lives offline. By doing so, you create a unified system of project management that’s accurate and up-to-date—effectively, a single source of truth for all project operations.

With this, it’s easy for technicians, project managers, or administrators to access tasks, review files, and update schedules with confidence.

At the end of the day, confidence in your project management processes is what On the Go! Mobile app solutions are all about.

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