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eCIFM’s IBM TRIRIGA®Clients can expect far more than just new software.

IBM TRIRIGA’s core functionality is around “block and tackle” processes such as Facilities Maintenance and Operations Management, Projects, Utilities, Occupancy, and Property Management.

TRIRIGA transforms the administration and management of facilities maintenance, leases, capital projects and utilities across the entire FM portfolio.

TRIRIGA’s architecture delivers portability, flexibility, interoperability, scalability, upgradeability, and deployability. While these advantages are technical in nature, they are critical in solving today’s management issues as well as future planning.

The Six Pillars of TRIRIGA IWMS

Clients choose the IBM TRIRIGA solution for many reasons – the scope of offerings, the extent of research and development (R & D) investment, commitment to open standards, and the range of innovation IBM brings to market. eCIFM offers the complete range of implementation, training, service, and support services to ensure the TRIRIGA solution is successful and meets client requirements.

IBM TRIRIGA delivers a single integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that increases visibility into underperforming facilities, resources and process; improves control of facility occupancy and operating costs; and automates time-consuming activities to increase the operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness of real estate, facility management and environmental sustainability functions
within mid- and large- sized commercial and public enterprises.


IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager helps organizations improve the effectiveness of real estate portfolio planning, improve returns from real estate transactions, avoid lease penalties and overpayments, and streamline lease accounting.

IBM TRIRIGA Capital Project Manager (Projects) provides complete enterprise-wide project and program management including the required tools to ensure efficient, cost- effective delivery of capital, facility, and environmental projects.

IBM TRIRIGA Workplace Operations Manager (Facility Operations) delivers facility maintenance software to help maintain critical facilities assets throughout their lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs. It automates the management of corrective maintenance services to deliver higher-quality services more efficiently. It also automates preventive and condition-based maintenance processes to improve the condition of critical facilities assets and extend their life.

IBM Workplace Reservation Manager is used to manage the reservations of shared rooms such as meeting spaces and workspaces, shared equipment such as projectors, and shared vehicles. You can request a reservation as a self-service user, create a reservation as a help desk agent, and process requests as an event center coordinator. You can incorporate service providers such as food service vendors, and work tasks such as room setup, room breakdown, equipment delivery, and equipment pickup. For added flexibility in reserving rooms, you can also integrate the application with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

IBM TRIRIGA Facility Manager (Space) increases the utilization of valuable real estate and building infrastructure assets using advanced space planning, space management, and move planning. It provides space management and audit tools; space use agreements and chargeback tools; as well as move planning and move execution management.

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Manager (Energy) delivers the environmental sustainability software organizations need to identify resource intensive facilities and processes, analyze financial and environmental benefits of environmental sustainability investments, and automate carbon reduction actions to reduce energy costs and achieve environmental and energy management strategies.


IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Manager provides access to concurrent users who provide support across the functional areas of facilities/space management, capital project management, real estate portfolio management and workplace operations/maintenance management. IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Manager bundles for a single concurrent user who requires access to Real Estate Manager, Capital Project Manager, Facility Manager, and/or Workplace Operations Manager.

IBM TRIRIGA CAD Integrator/Publisher allows visual management of locations, assets, people, and organizations based on floor plans and other drawings created using AutoCAD. TRIRIGA can quickly turn CAD drawings into web- based images that are viewable within the TRIRIGA solution and linked to live data.

IBM TRIRIGA Facility Assessment provides comprehensive process for objective and subjective analysis of the existing and projected future condition of Facilities, as well as the Building Systems and Assets within those Facilities. This process determines the immediate and long-term cost liabilities for the assessed building systems. It enables the organization to address the operational requirements along with required funding requirements for both deficiencies and performance improvement opportunities.

IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Environmental Sustainability Impact Manager helps organizations achieve the benefits of an environmental sustainability strategy by supporting the use of analytics to examine performance data of energy consuming systems in the facility and by automatically creating corrective work requests to repair equipment that is not operating correctly.

IBM TRIRIGA Request Central provides capabilities for the management of self- service requests for products, services, and moves submitted via an intuitive web portal, or utilize contact center for handling requests received via phone, email, or fax; access pertinent caller and service agreement information; view up-to-the- minute status reports and call statistics, readily available via configurable graphs and
reports; create a complete audit trail for full accountability; define service areas, responsibilities, and service level agreement information; route work tasks, approvals and notifications.

IBM TRIRIGA Strategic Facility Planning delivers advanced facilities planning capabilities to accelerate understanding of core business demands, simplify complex planning analysis and streamline implementation of facilities space plans. The solution provides a portfolio planning framework, business unit forecasts and predefined performance metrics to streamline the understanding of business demands and impacts on facility performance over time.

IBM TRIRIGA Application Builder provides users with graphical and highly intuitive configuration tools to rapidly configure and reconfigure applications and extend application value. TRIRIGA Connector for Offline Forms provides platform technology that saves substantial time in gathering, storing and distributing information between offline users and IBM TRIRIGA applications. Offline allows users to capture transaction data in an Excel form, and email it to TRIRIGA or upload to TRIRIGA once a connection is re-established.

IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Business Applications builds upon existing TRIRIGA technology to allow external systems to communicate with TRIRIGA applications more easily. The solution provides a Web Service interface for updating or requesting information from the TRIRIGA application.

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