Services On The Go!

eCIFM’s Services On The Go! (OTG!) mobile app is the indispensable productivity tool for your TRIRIGA IWMS. Time is the most valuable component in the life of an organization and time wasted on traveling to pick up work orders is no longer a concern, thanks to mobile device software and wireless connectivity. Now field technicians can remain on the job instead of returning to the shop for more paperwork. All the day’s work tasks are synchronized with the device so the technician has all the details in the palm of their hand. If a work task is revised or cancelled, the technician gets the update without need for a phone or radio call.

Technicians in the field can use Services On The Go! to:

  • Receive new work orders and information updates
  • Allocate materials, tools, parts, and assets for individual work tasks
  • Access procedures, floor plans, prior work requests, and manuals
  • Create and prioritize “on-the-fly” work orders
  • Identify work locations on Google Maps
  • Document labor time
Once a technician reaches the job site, they may discover other work to be performed that hasn’t been identified, such as a worn fan belt. With Services On The Go!, they can create a work order request on the spot. Technicians can take photos to document needed repairs or work performed, as well as scanning barcodes to retrieve service history for a given asset.

Work from Anywhere

eCIFM’s patented synchronization technology is like no other. In offline mode, OTG! works independently from the network and database so that users can be truly mobile and perform their duties without disruption. Unlike so-called Perceptive Apps, OTG! is a truly native application that doesn’t rely on a constant connection to the database. Data is synchronized when the device is back in range of Wifi or cellular. The mobile app
prioritizes data syncing, ensuring that those offline entries won’t overwrite any entries made by colleagues in the interim.

Time Entries Made Effortless

Timekeeping is far easier when it’s done on a mobile device—work orders are more likely to be updated when workers can clock in and out using the app, compared with trying to record entries manually in the field to upload later.

Timekeeping elements are user-defined, so that you can add category designations that are unique to your company. The timekeeping function is also intuitive: Technicians can start a timer when they reach the site, or enter their time by voice or text.

Like all of our mobile apps, Services On The Go! features:

  • Voice-to-text : : Use both hands to work while making notes
  • Online/offline modes : : Sync instantly while in range, or work offline and sync later
  • Barcode scanners : : Scan barcode tags to see equipment history
  • Photo documentation :: Take pictures to record asset conditions and completed work
  • Google Maps integration : : Navigate to job site location easily