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  • eCIFM is a proud ServiceNow Reseller, Consulting, and Implementation business partner. We also offer ServiceNow ESG, sustainability, and workplace services delivery solutions!
ServiceNow helps you bring technology services and operations together in three phases.

The first phase is to modernize your services and operations by consolidating to a single platform. The second phase is to automate with AI to empower self-service and to predict and prevent incidents before they impact the business. And the third phase is to optimize your people and processes for structured continual improvement.

The Global Solutions Framework helps businesses solve key imperatives by focusing tools around customer experience, technology excellence, employee experience, operating excellence, and building and automation.

Finally, the Now Platform delivers a smarter way to workflow across industries that include business and consumer services, education, energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare, retail, tech, and dozens more.

The ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery Solution

Keep your employees engaged and productive. Equip workplace teams with the tools to effectively manage space, optimize utilization, and streamline operations.

Workplace Space Management 

Manage workspaces with better insights to optimize floor space, room usage, and spend.

Workplace Case Management

Standardize documentation, interactions, and fulfillment of employee inquiries and requests.

Workplace Reservation Management

Provide employees with self-service workspace reservations that include service ordering.

Workplace Indoor Mapping

Navigate and find spaces or colleagues using indoor maps and a location directory.

Mobile Wayfinding

Provide interactive mobile wayfinding and proximity booking for on-site employees.

Indoor Map Studio

Create, edit, and manage indoor map experiences across workplace locations.

Workplace Move Management

Orchestrate individual, mass employee, and asset space relocation in the workplace.

Workplace Visitor Management

Register and welcome guests with a simple, automated arrival and communication process.

Safe Workplace Suite

Automate steps for your workplace return and provide a safe, employee-ready working environment.


Create on-demand reports using a single data model for instant insights.

Virtual Agent

Resolve issues faster and scale your organization with intelligent chatbots.

Now Mobile

Simplify employee self-service with a native mobile app for requests and actions.

Top IWMS Consulting Services

Born in the cloud and built from the ground up with a single data model and a single, scalable architecture, the Now Platform enables data to flow seamlessly across applications and existing systems. The Now Platform delivers workflow automation at an enterprise scale, allowing you to optimize business processes for productivity, agility, and resiliency.

With out-of-the-box digital workflows that automate everyday service requests, delivery teams can increase service delivery speed, and free up teams for higher value work that drives enterprise-wide innovation. And with native development and integration tools, you can easily extend ServiceNow’s digital workflows or create new digital workflows on the same platform. This flexibility lets you create the right experiences you need for a better way to work, or in disruptive situations, a better way to respond.

Additional Solution Overviews

Customer Experience: Drive customer loyalty with effortless experiences delivered by a customized enterprise.

Technology Excellence: Deliver technology services in an agile, cost-efficient, resilient and modern way.

Employee Experience: Harmonize people, processes, and technology to unify the employee experience.

Operating Excellence: Achieve business agility and efficiency with global business services and ESG impact.

App dev and automation: Innovate and modernize with low code app dev and hyperautomation.

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