Requests On The Go!

eCIFM’s Requests On The Go! (OTG!) extends IBM TRIRIGA functionality beyond the desktop. Anyone in your organization can use it to note problems and instantly make service requests. Everyone from receptionists to engineers to students can make a request from their mobile device with the tap of a finger. Requests On The Go! gives employees the ability to take immediate action at the first sign of anything needing repair or attention.

Giving staff the ability to create requests “in the moment” means that they will be more inclined to provide a greater level of detail. They can take photos of a particular situation or problem, such as leaking pipes, and easily attach it to the request.

Employees can use Requests On The Go! to:

  • Initiate Work Requests and set priority
  • Use Pre-populated menus for ease of Data Entry
  • Report Safety Incidents
  • Track and Check Status of Requests in Progress
  • Take and Attach Photographs
The self-service app includes an incident management feature and allows users to select options from pre-populated lists. Is something working improperly but doesn’t require urgent attention? Does an employee need to make a damage report? Even when an immediate response isn’t necessary, staff can log the details for follow-up work scheduling. Some companies may opt to create a work task automatically from a request, others prefer to include an approval process. Requests OTG! compliments TRIRIGA’s approval algorithms so that if several people report the same issue from their devices, only one work task is created.

Work from Anywhere

eCIFM’s patented synchronization technology is like no other. In offline mode, OTG! works independently from the network and database so that users can be truly mobile and perform their duties without disruption. Unlike so-called Perceptive Apps, OTG! is a truly native application that doesn’t rely on a constant connection to the database. Data is synchronized when the device is back in range of Wifi or cellular. The mobile app
prioritizes data syncing, ensuring that those offline entries won’t overwrite any entries made by colleagues in the interim.

Like all of our mobile apps, Requests On The Go! features:

  • Voice-to-text : Use both hands to work while making notes
  • Online/offline modes : Sync instantly while in range, or work offline and sync later
  • Barcode scanners : Scan barcode tags to see equipment history
  • Photo documentation : Take pictures to record asset conditions and completed work
  • Google Maps integration : Navigate to job site location easily

If you’d like to learn more about how eCIFM’s Requests On The Go! can simplify yourmaintenance requests, contact us today.