Mobile TRIRIGA Technology Helps Supervisors Manage Workers On-Site

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Integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) like IBM TRIRIGA give corporate users the ability to manage real estate and facility maintenance under one umbrella. An all-in-one IWMS platform is designed to be easy to integrate and even easier to understand and utilize. Mobile TRIRIGA technology brings that ease of use one step further by providing access everywhere you need it most.

Modern Management Challenges Require Mobile TRIRIGA Solutions

Today’s project supervisors and facility managers need mobile solutions in the field to manage work assignments, review tasks, and oversee the day-to-day workload. Workflow suffers when the right tools aren’t working for you. It’s crucial you have comprehensive supervisory solutions in your management toolbox to ensure you and your team are always working toward a shared objective.

Fast-paced organizations need the ability to view schedules quickly, respond to work tickets, dispatch teams, and meet customer needs when access to the office isn’t an option. You can do all of this when you’ve got eCIFM’s Supervisor On The Go! for IBM TRIRIGA at your fingertips.

The Right Tools for your Mobile TRIRIGA Toolbox

Today, any smartphone or tablet can be a mobile office, and facility maintenance and real estate management firms can send their teams to operate on-site with the right tools. Such capabilities are invaluable for project supervisors and maintenance managers, and Supervisor On the Go! gives them complete control without having to run back to the office to access TRIRIGA.

Supervisor On the Go! excels at helping management perform several essential in-the-field duties:

  • Manage assignments – Supervisors need to review task assignments and manage staff accordingly. Mobile TRIRIGA solutions make it easy to remove technicians from tasks and reassign to avoid overbooking. Immediate assignment notifications also mean skilled workers are quickly dispersed where they’re needed most.
  • View technician loading – Supervisors need access to up-to-date information as it pertains to technician assignments and upcoming schedules. Mobile integration means you’re never misinformed. You can easily view a technician’s scheduled hours any given day or week as well as see an overview of all scheduled work to come.
  • Approve time entries – Supervisors need to be able to approve or return time entries to technicians every day, and technicians need to submit their work times for approval. A mobile time management solution like Supervisor On the Go! lets technicians and supervisors effortlessly submit and approve time either manually or automatically.
  • Review overdue tasks – Supervisors need to keep projects moving. A comprehensive look at overdue tasks makes it easy to assign or reassign work to streamline tasks and get back on track.

Meet Your IWMS Needs Quickly and Effectively

eCIFM Supervisor On The Go! is an easy-to-use mobile TRIRIGA solution that keeps important information in your supervisors’ hands. They can review schedules and assign technicians all from their fingertips! As a TRIRIGA user, your needs are met quickly and effectively with a comprehensive mobile application bridging the gap between the project site and the office.

Learn how to best optimize your TRIRIGA mobile strategy for measurable business impact by watching the webinar on how to “Untether Your Workforce: Mobile Solutions for IBM TRIRIGA.”

Have Questions About How to Get More from Your TRIRIGA with Mobile?

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