Mobile Apps Make Social Distancing Easier and More Productive

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COVID-19 is changing the way people do business all around the world. Whether it’s work-from-home policies or complete shutdowns, companies are having to deploy innovative solutions to adhere to government-mandated social distancing directives, all while maintaining critical business operations.

Of course, not every business can simply close-down the building and tell everyone to work remotely.  Some essential services and complex facilities require uninterrupted power, lighting, cleaning and regular asset maintenance. And if so, it’s likely that a central shop will manually distribute these paperwork orders throughout the day. They may even use a shared desktop computer to print their own work orders — creating a system where employees are forced to interact more than they should.

But just think about how this personal interaction can be avoided by using mobile technology. For example, organizations that use the IBM TRIRIGA® Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) need to manage work requests, assign work orders to technicians in the field, complete time entries, take inventory, and manage assets and spaces. All of this can be done remotely, with no unnecessary personal contact required.

All your technicians have to do is go to the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and download the appropriate facilities management software. And given that almost everyone carries a mobile device these days, there’s no reason to expose technicians to undue risk.

Downloading a mobile application for TRIRIGA extends the value of your IWMS investment and gives you an easy way to manage your mobile workforce.

Mobile Apps Help Solve Social Distancing Challenges

eCIFM Solutions Inc. has an intuitive mobile app for TRIRIGA called “On The Go!” (OTG!), available on both Apple and Android devices.

There are separate modules for inventory, inspections, supervision, and approvals, all of which coordinate with built-in device features, such as camera, bar code scanning, and voice recognition. eCIFM has been a Gold-Accredited IBM Business Partner for 20 years and has been building mobile apps for TRIRIGA for almost as long. They have always known that going mobile is the answer for today’s facility managers and maintenance technicians, and in the era of social distancing, these solutions are needed more than ever before.

eCIFM’s On the Go! mobile applications are designed with work flexibility in mind. Unlike some apps, OTG! works offline so technicians don’t have to worry about wireless connectivity. The app can be set to synchronize automatically and requires no middleware — working optimally on both TRIRIGA software-as-a-service (SaaS) and on-premises. Fortunately, in a time where social distancing is at the forefront, On the Go! helps facility management and maintenance teams continue to operate.

Social Distancing Means Working Responsibly

Social distancing is a complex, concentrated effort for enterprise-level industries to suddenly adhere to. But fortunately, mobile solutions are ready-made solution to this new challenge. Mobile employees can stay connected to the organization without having to physically check in to report their time or pick up new work orders. For social distancing adherence, there’s nothing better.

After all, large organizations are like jigsaw puzzles held together by their individual pieces. The big picture of business success and sustained operations gets harder to see the more pieces you lose to sickness, social distancing failures, or self-isolation. It’s important to empower your workforce to work smarter, safer, and more responsibly—and to take advantage of flexible mobile applications—whenever possible.

Have Questions About How to Get More from Your TRIRIGA with Mobile?

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