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Manufacturing and technology companies constantly strive to innovate. From assembly lines and robotics to Industry 4.0, manufacturers and tech firms are always looking for new ways to increase efficiency and improve performance. That drive to keep inventing and reinventing is borne out of necessity, since these industries are under constant pressure to operate more efficiently and get the most value from all their facilities and assets.

These industry needs are exactly why powerful Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), were developed. An IWMS helps portfolio managers optimize their use of real estate holdings, increase productivity, ensure regulatory compliance and plan for financially-sustainable growth.eCIFM helps manufacturers and technology companies implement and utilize IWMS solutions and tailor it specifically for their needs.

The Best IWMS Solutions for Manufacturing

eCIFM has helped hundreds of organizations use its solutions to get better results. Beyond providing a single view of every location, facility and asset in their portfolios, our solutions give manufacturers and technology companies several key advantages, including:

  • Tracking and analytics on facility utilization, density, vacancy rates and chargebacks
  • Cost-reduction through strategic planning
  • Capital project management
  • Get better insight into energy spending
  • Comply with regulatory and governance requirements
The idea is to track every asset and facility’s performance and service history, along with its projected useful lifespan. This gives you a better sense of upcoming operations and maintenance (O&M) needs and costs; it also lets you anticipate the need to replace or renovate capital assets whose efficiency is on the wane, instead of limping along with patchwork repairs. The same system can help manage capital projects as well, which helps you to track all project elements and vendors while bringing the work in on time and within budget. IWMS solutions also help manufacturing and technology companies stay in compliance with all regulatory and corporate governance requirements. For organizations with sustainability goals, IBM TRIRIGA’s Energy Manager module tracks energy usage and carbon emissions and identifies areas where improvements may be made.

Mobile Apps Increase Your Team’s Efficiency

eCIFM has developed a suite of mobile IWMS apps that extend TRIRIGA’s functionality beyond the desktop. Whether located on the production line or in a remote office, people who inspect, operate, maintain and repair your assets and facilities can document their findings and make work requests on the spot with Requests On The Go!.

When field technicians are called in to make repairs, their mobile device will contain all the information they need to do the job, including equipment specifications, asset service history and lists of parts necessary for repairs. Google Maps integration ensures technicians can travel to the day’s jobs in the most efficient manner. For manufacturers needing maximum uptime from their critical equipment, the efficiency of an IWMS with mobile apps provides a key advantage.

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