Make These 4 Important Supervisor Tasks Easier with a Mobile TRIRIGA Solution

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A Mobile IWMS Solution Makes These Four Important Supervisor Tasks Easier

Supervisors must dispatch teams, guide workers, and manage work quality in day-to-day operations. This is true in all industries. A supervisor must ensure that all goals are met, and improved facility management is an organizational goal that has to be tackled from all levels.

In a mobile world, this means a mobile solution for some of today’s most important supervisory tasks.

Supervisor On the Go! (OTG!) is a powerful mobile tool designed specifically for TRIRIGA® users, and it’s one of a handful of eCIFM mobile apps that improve database accuracy and functionality. Supervisor On the Go! helps you manage and improve the essential supervisory tasks you’re faced with every day.

1. In-the-Field TRIRIGA Accessibility

TRIRIGA is an exceptional integrated workplace management system (IWMS). With the power of TRIRIGA in your supervisory pocket, you can integrate best-in-class mobile with your IWMS and have immediate impact.

Supervisors need ways to see, at a glance, what work to assign and each technician’s availability. It’s also important to have up-to-date information in case things like work interruptions or personnel complications appear. Real-time updating and information sharing is invaluable on-site.

Supervisor On the Go! lets any supervisor manage technician assignments, view technician loading, approve time entries, and assign new work from anywhere at any time.

2. Manage Assignments

Supervisor On the Go! provides a single channel for all assignments and tasks, which means supervisors can manage their teams across the entire portfolio of facility work from a mobile device. Review each task assignment, adjust it based on the company’s availability and resources, see when a technician is overbooked, and remove assignments to help manage the workload.

3. View Technician Load

In the Supervisor On the Go! app, supervisors can see how many hours each technician is scheduled to work, which days he or she is scheduled, and all assigned tasks.

What’s more, new task assignments are synced automatically through TRIRIGA and appear in a technician’s own mobile dashboard as soon as they’re assigned.  As a result, every technician’s schedule is utilized with efficiency, no matter how many tasks are in the queue.

4. Approve Time Entries

Supervisors need to manage technician time entries and approvals in order to run a smooth organization. This is especially true for enterprise-level facility management. Fortunately, this is an essential task made simpler by using Supervisor On the Go!

Approve time entries, return entries to technicians, and automatically submit time logs to TRIRIGA on-site and from a mobile device. All of the necessary information is right there at your fingertips. No need to waste time while you transfer paper files or wait for supervisors to get back into the office to sign off on time sheets.

Improve TRIRIGA with Supervisor On the Go!

It doesn’t matter if you must assign work orders, dispatch teams, or approve requests because Supervisor On the Go! does it all. This mobile productivity solution—alongside other eCIFM On the Go! Mobile apps — boosts a company’s capabilities and makes supervisory tasks easier than ever.

Have Questions About How to Get More from Your TRIRIGA with Mobile?

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