The insurance industry thrives on efficiency and productivity. As large competitors jockey for position in their fields, eCIFM’s solutions can give smart institutions the edge in efficiency and, ultimately, their bottom line. Facility management solutions are among the most scalable, affordable, and effective ways to streamline workflows and improve the ROI of your assets. eCIFM’s partnerships with a number of robust software platforms allows us to provide the necessary tools to ensure the operational efficiency of insurance-specific assets.

Asset Management

Asset management provides improved visibility and control across buildings and properties that maintain critical equipment. Our solutions provide tracking capabilities able to optimize utilization, reduce cost and support processes with automated workflows and best practices. Oversight of critical asset components is crucial in industries such as insurance, where even the smallest oversight can be costly and time intensive to correct.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management includes the smooth, uninterrupted operations of building systems. Having a system in place to automate these operations helps cut down on an organization’s overall costs. In the insurance industry, downtime of equipment and facilities has a domino effect on those directly impacted and it’s critical that functionality is not hindered by poor work order and maintenance processes. Our products provide managers with the ability to manage their building equipment and assets over time in order to reduce maintenance expenses and deliver high-quality service. Additionally, specific solutions like our Workplace Operations Manager improve the condition of demanding facility assets and prolongs their lifetime.

Real Estate Management

Insurance companies, like most companies in competitive industries worldwide, are faced with additional challenges to manage their real estate portfolios. With a change in workforce process from fixed seating to hoteling, Covid19 space planning, etc, teams must be prepared for high levels of scrutiny– and with solutions in place through platforms like TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager, smart insurance companies have the data and information at their fingertips to track rental information from a landlord and tenant perspective with BI analytical dashboards to provide robust data, drawings and real estate information to aide in the decision making process and to maximize an/or minimize the spend in rental spaces within the insurance portfolios.