Top Custom IBM TRIRIGA & IWMS Industry Software Solutions
eCIFM has helped some of the world’s best brands use IBM TRIRIGA® to increase efficiency and profit margins. TRIRIGA, an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), helps organizations in all industries streamline processes, cut costs and find new revenue opportunities.

Whatever your industry, every IBM TRIRIGA implementation is customized and tailored to your existing workflows. There’s no need to alter your in-place procedures or train your people on new processes. TRIRIGA streamlines processes throughout various industries in the following ways:

Education: Higher Education

Facilities and assets at colleges and universities are often varied and complex; they can include dormitories, lecture halls, restaurants, athletic facilities, physical plants and more. Use IBM TRIRIGA to manage it all. You’ll ensure you have enough area to adapt to enrollment changes without paying for space you won’t need. If you’re considering a capital improvement plan, IBM TRIRIGA will keep the work on schedule and within budget. It will help you get the most from your maintenance budget and meet reporting requirements for grant funding; it can also help you identify and address potential safety or service issues before they grow into bigger problems.

Education: K-12

For both public and private K-12 schools, operations and maintenance offer the greatest potential savings for most school districts. It’s also often the portion of the budget most under your control. Take control of your maintenance budget and get the data you need to justify upgrades with IBM TRIRIGA. The system will help you make repair vs. replace decisions, eliminate duplicate work orders and help increase efficiency throughout your portfolio. For school districts facing budgeting hurdles and constraints, TRIRIGA can simplify operating processes while providing all the data you need to make informed budget decisions.

Financial Services

If you want to make relocation or expansion decisions about your branch network, TRIRIGA’s single view of your portfolio will give you the data needed to support your call. TRIRIGA can manage your leases and projects and can help you plan in advance for future business demands. If your organization is worldwide, TRIRIGA simplifies real estate portfolio management and accounts for compliance requirements in various countries down to the regional level.


IBM TRIRIGA is a robust, field-tested software suite developed continuously, which means government agencies can rely on it to meet their unique regulatory and reporting requirements. The system will provide you with the data necessary to prove you’re using your budget efficiently; it can also help you discover new opportunities to improve efficiency and cut costs. By streamlining processes, it eliminates the need to input valuable data multiple times into different sources, reducing both the labor demands on your staff and the potential for errors to creep into results.


IBM TRIRIGA helps retailers with complete store lifecycle management from site selection to decommissioning. Your inventory will be more accurate and current, increasing your ROI and decreasing time-to-market. The ability to view projects and enact changes immediately will help keep you on time and within your budget, while your facility leases will always be kept in accordance with the evolving requirements of accounting standards boards.

Energy & Utilities

If you want to analyze and manage your entire portfolio of facilities and equipment, IBM TRIRIGA can do that. If you need to manage your energy resources, it can do that as well. IBM TRIRIGA will also help you comply with all necessary regulatory and corporate governance requirements. As with its offerings to all industries, it will help you manage your facility and equipment maintenance in one single integrated system.

Manufacturing & Technology

Manufacturing and technology companies looking to increase their profit margins will benefit greatly from IBM TRIRIGA. The system’s data-driven approach to managing facility and asset portfolios helps uncover inefficiency and waste wherever they may lie. It will provide you with a single view of your current and projected requirements, helping you reduce costs during strategic planning.

eCIFM has customized IWMS for all industries for decades. We also have a suite of mobile apps that extend the system’s functionality beyond the desktop into the field at worksites. Our development team includes some of the world’s top IBM TRIRIGA experts. Contact us today to let us help you rise to the top of your industry.