How to Empower Your Technicians with Needed Information to Perform Work at Their Fingertips

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Gone are the days of printed work orders, unorganized document notes, and manual system updates. Technicians have relied on these outdated work management systems for a while (and many still do), but the industry is reaching an inflection point where geographic boundaries should no longer limit a workforce.

To give technicians the tools they need to complete their work effectively and efficiently, companies will need to explore more advanced mobile solutions that pair directly with their IBM TRIRIGA® database—including eCIFM® ’s Services On The Go! (OTG!)

Mobile Project Management

Primarily, Services OTG! helps technicians better understand their project data across any planned, corrective, or preventative work.

Technicians can review work details for any given task, view the approved steps for each procedure, and see which parts might be needed. All of this information is available from a single dashboard, including details on the relevant assets and any meter readings measured against those assets. And as the work progresses, they can enter comments to keep other technicians in the loop or assign other resources to help, if needed.

Overall, it’s a simple system of mobile management that lets your team take a complete, 360-degree view of each task, including the initial problem, its underlying cause, and the proposed remedy.

Time Entry and Resolution

The underlying goal of eCIFM’s mobile suite is to empower workforces by automating the processes slowing your team. A great example is time entry. With an integrated mobile app connected directly to TRIRIGA®, technicians can easily enter time against work performed and submit those timesheets for approval. No more manual paper entries or waiting for supervisors to approve entries—it can all be done in a moment from any mobile device.

And once technicians complete the work, they can close out the work orders, ensuring completeness for record retention and minimizing the need for paper.

Complete Dashboards for Every Technician

The benefit of Services OTG! isn’t just its automation capabilities or connection to TRIRIGA® — it’s the user-friendly dashboard that lays everything out from end-to-end.

It doesn’t matter how many projects a technician has on his/her schedule, how complex each task is, or what kind of notes the project has. All the information and contextual details they need are presented through the OTG! dashboard:

  • Active requests
  • Histories of recently completed tasks
  • Task details, including time, class, and priority
  • Incomplete tasks in queue
  • Facility maps
  • Timesheet data

Explore a New System of Workforce Management

eCIFM’s On The Go! apps—and Services OTG! in particular—brings the power of TRIRIGA® to each technician’s phone. Armed with these time-saving tools, technicians can send and receive real-time updates with one entry, and even work without connectivity by storing and transferring data automatically on reconnection.

Overall, these apps represent a new system of workforce management that allows technicians to be agile and more efficient, maximizing their productivity in the process.

Learn how to best optimize your TRIRIGA mobile strategy for measurable business impact by watching the webinar on how to “Untether Your Workforce: Mobile Solutions for IBM TRIRIGA.”

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