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The Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industries have taken center stage lately as COVID and COVID vaccinescontinue to dominate most media outlets. The importance of ensuring safe, clean and comfortable environments along with meeting vigorous regulatory requirements has never been more important.eCIFM’s TRIRIGA solution provides the necessary tools to ensure the operational efficiency of medical facilities and laboratories alike.

Asset Management

Asset management provides improved visibility and control across the healthcare organization and pharmaceutical laboratories. Both maintain critical equipment which require tracking capabilities able to optimize utilization, reduce cost and support processes with automated workflows and best practices. Oversight of critical asset components is crucial in industries such as these where lives and patient health are at stake. Tracking capabilities can ensure that the place and status of lifesaving equipment and lifesaving pharmaceutics equipment are always known.

Maintenance Management

Asset Management includes the smooth, uninterrupted operations of building systems and having a system in place such as TRIRIGA to automate these operations helps cut down on an organization’s overall costs. In the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical industries downtime of equipment and facilities has a domino effect on those directly impacted and it’s critical that functionality is not hindered by poor work order and maintenance processes. IBM TRIRIGA® Workplace Operations Manager provides managers with the ability to manage their building equipment and assets over time in order to reduce maintenance expenses and deliver high-quality service. Workplace Operations Manager improves the condition of demanding facility assets and prolongs their lifetime.

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare Facilities and Pharmaceutical Laboratories are faced with additional challenges in that compliance to stringent regulations must be consistently met in order to continue operating. For example, accrediting organizations such as the Joint Commission carefully examine everything that impacts patient care including safety equipment maintenance and a facility’s ability to minimize smoke and heat. Facilities management teams must be prepared for such scrutiny and with TRIRIGA’s Real Estate Managersolution in place Healthcare Facilities and Laboratories have the data and information at their fingertips to tracking critical information required for reporting against guidelines and regulations.

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