Haltian Sensors

Haltian is everyday IOT for built environments.

Any building can become a smart building.

Smart cities, smart buildings and smart facilities, these buzzwords are raising the expectations for great user experiences and better facility management.

So far, we have been lacking affordable, secure and scalable working solutions that could actually turn our environment, buildings and facilities smart.

Nevertheless, one thing is clear: workers, customers and employees are starting to demand more than a coffee machine and a desk at the office, and no-one wants to return to a business that has bad air quality, is too hot or cold, or is just dirty.

Haltian’s Thingsee IoT sensor solution allows building owners and facility management to create data-based applications to save energy, optimise workplace and create wellbeing among users.

Make the Most Of Your Office Space

Returning to the office after the COVID-19 pandemic requires a user-friendly solution that ensures a safe collaborative environment and tracks space utilization for better optimization. Employee empowerment is crucial in deploying such solutions.

Managing the return to office plan with empathy involves:

– Empowering employees with activity-based workspaces.
– Offering remote work options while ensuring availability for interactions, co-creation, and collaboration.
– Providing a safe environment for employees.

Haltian’s Thingsee IoT sensors support desk-sharing offices by providing data on office occupancy, people counting, and indoor air quality, helping employees thrive.

Integrate Once. Deploy Globally.

The Thingsee IoT sensor solution operates on the cloud, allowing data access in a standardized way. It includes purpose-built sensors, cellular or LAN gateways, embedded cellular connectivity, and a cloud solution to manage the entire device lifecycle.

Standardized cellular coverage combined with mesh connectivity between devices ensures global operations and easy installation, supported by a provided mobile application. Thingsee Cloud offers APIs for integrating software solutions to access details of any Thingsee IoT device deployment.

Additionally, our team oversees agreed SLAs to ensure smooth business operations, enabling our customers to focus on their core business while we manage the global IoT solution.

Possibilities with Haltian Sensors

Office occupancy & People counting

Get data on your building usage.

Remote monitoring of commercial real estate

Save energy and improve operations.

Smart cleaning

Optimize your cleaning workflows and monitor fill levels.

Machine monitoring

Monitor your machines remotely, without wires.

Indoor air quality

Reduce risks & improve performance.

Bespoke IoT solution

Create your custom IoT device with us.

Case Studies

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