Agencies at all levels of government face complex challenges in managing their real estate and property portfolios. They must comply with specific regulatory and governance requirements, as well as budgets that can rise and fall with administrations. The term “government agencies” applies to a wide range of taxpayer-supported organizations, including U.S. cabinet-level departments, state and local governments, state university systems, K-12 public school districts, prison systems, courts and law enforcement agencies. Some agencies have hundreds of facilities in their real estate portfolios.

This complexity is what led to the development of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) that gives you a single view of your entire real estate portfolio, along with all its facilities, capital assets and equipment. eCIFM has implemented IWMS solutions for many Federal, State and Local governments and has the experience to help you guide your facility strategy.

The Best IWMS Solution for Government

eCIFM’s IWMS solutions help government agencies manage every part of their real estate portfolios for the best results. That total-portfolio perspective makes costs more predictable, eliminates waste and ensures proper operations and maintenance of public holdings. All of this helps agencies provide the best and most cost-effective service while producing financially sustainable budgets.

Managing Compliance Requirements

Most government agencies work under multiple inspection and regulatory regimes. Reporting and analytics abilities simplify the processes necessary for agencies to meet their regulatory requirements. These abilities include:

  • Using real property data that complies with U.S. real property architecture and reporting standards
  • Managing CFO Act audit readiness requirements
  • Meeting energy efficiency mandates
To avoid possible penalties, your agency must comply with all relevant regulations. Some requirements, such as efficiency mandates, can yield savings, while others can help you get the most out of your current spaces and assets. eCIFM’s solutions for government agencies can help you stay in compliance while showing you the pathways to cutting costs and reducing waste and unnecessary expenditures.

Why eCIFM?

eCIFM has over 20 years of experience in the Integrated Workplace Management Systems business and has worked with many government agencies, helping them modernize their facilities and infrastructure management responsibilities. At the City of Dallas, for example, eCIFM implemented IBM TRIRIGA to manage Capital Projects, with an integration to the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows citizens to log on to a website and view the planned and ongoing projects in their community. “eCIFM was able to turn the City’s vision into a reality”, Sr. IT Manager, City of Dallas

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