Give Your Inspectors the Power of TRIRIGA at their Fingertips

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Give Your Inspectors the Power of TRIRIGA

As facility managers know, inspections are a regular part of portfolio management. Every building and asset in the portfolio needs regular audits. Even an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) like TRIRIGA®  has its limitations here.

Even though TRIRIGA works great as an IWMS, field inspectors have had imperfect options for staying connected to the system while out on the job. This is why best-in-class mobile solutions for TRIRIGA are necessary for unlocking the full potential of the system.

Access TRIRIGA Inspection Features in the Field

With the power of TRIRIGA in the inspector’s hand, any type of assessment can be made and uploaded back to the system in an instant.

With Inspections On the Go! (OTG!), inspectors can perform building system assessments for each facility in the portfolio, including Facility Condition Indexing to benchmark the status over time. The same applies to asset inspections (Asset Condition Indexes), and the application makes inspection workflows easier to manage as well.

Of course, mobile access means that workforce managers can also view planned inspection schedules from anywhere and make work order adjustments as needed. It’s simple to create new records, update files, or make comments all from the user’s mobile device.

Offline Capabilities and Data Entry Accuracy

A key feature of the OTG! mobile suite for TRIRIGA is its offline capability. Technicians and managers know how frustrating it is to record inspection details or updates on paper but have to wait until the inspector returns to the office to update each record.

With Inspections OTG!, inspectors have an easy way to audit facilities and upload that data directly back to TRIRIGA. Even if the inspector is offline, the data will automatically sync when he/she returns to service range. This means that every change, update, and log entered into the system will be applied directly from the field.

Plus, this system eliminates the need for inspectors to record updates on paper and, therefore, reduces the risk of secondary data entry errors.

Instant Access to Portfolio Inspection Data

Taken together, this type of mobile application makes it easier to get work done because it streamlines workflows for both inspectors and managers.

Managers will find it easier to assess facility status and identify problem areas or opportunities for improvement when TRIRIGA data is always available. What’s more, all of the previous work data will be available at a glance when it comes time to perform inspections again.

This simple adjustment helps keep data consistent and reduces variability across inspectors and audit events.

Mobile IWMS Solutions Will Change the Way You Do Business

It’s a challenge to stay on top of reactive, changing facility environments, even with a strong data repository like TRIRIGA. Fortunately, a best-in-class mobile solution that supports the greatest ROI for your TRIRIGA investment is an integration that has lasting impacts. You can stay on top of inspections at the same time you keep everyone on the same page when Inspections OTG! is at work behind the scenes.

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