Financial Services
  • One system to manage the complete lifecycle of everything in your CRE portfolio
  • The most efficient lease accounting and management tools
  • Compliance with all regulatory and corporate governance requirements
  • Built-in IASB/FASB compliance
Financial services branches and other commercial real estate (CRE) within the financial sector are facing greater challenges than ever and managing CRE in a cost-effective manner is critical to their sustainability. IBM TRIRIGA’s Real Estate module offers financial services-specific elements to assist organizations in getting the most value out of their CRE portfolios.

Solutions to Managing Real Estate Expenses

TRIRIGA helps manage everything in your CRE portfolio from leases, to forecasting, payment processing and transaction management to name a few. Two significant challenges in portfolio management are often lease management and forecasting. TRIRIGA will provide solutions to overcome these challenges by:

Streamlining existing processes and systems to improve real estate lease management

TRIRIGA provides for tracking critical lease information required for reporting against guidelines and regulations such as 10k reporting, deferred rent liabilities, future obligation statements, FASB 13 and 143, and the new lease accounting standards.

The new FASB accounting standards mean leases will now be regarded as capital on the books. Because of this, lease management will be more complex than ever—which makes it more important to handle them with an abundance of care and consideration. IBM TRIRIGA has been designed and updated to keep you in compliance with all new FASB requirements.

Identifying future business demands on existing facilities

Forecasting and planning tools let you know in advance when your organization will outgrow a facility. Side-by-side comparisons of scenarios against current and future transaction scenarios prevent unnecessary costly investments. In summary, eCIFM’s TRIRIGA Real Estate Module is the complete solution for financial institutions seeking to effectively manage and optimize their CRE Portfolio’s.

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