Energy And Utilities
Energy and utility providers face industry-specific challenges such as rate increases or budget requests that must be submitted to government agencies for approval. Regulatory requirements and expensive capital projects are an inherent part of the business, while day-to-day operations are often highly technical and logistically challenging. Energy and utility companies need a robust Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) such as IBM TRIRIGA® to manage capital assets including critical equipment, real estate and ongoing projects. eCIFM delivers the TRIRIGA software solution with the unique needs of the energy and utility industries in mind.

Along with providing energy and utility companies with a single view of their entire portfolio, our software solutions can help you:

  • Manage facility and capital construction projects
  • Plan and forecast capital projects
  • Manage facility and equipment maintenance
  • Meet regulatory and corporate governance requirements

Work Toward Sustainability with an IWMS Software Solution

Many utility companies are working to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency, in the dual interests of promoting sustainability and saving money. Tracking carbon dioxide and methane emissions, reducing water and electrical consumption and meeting LEED certification requirements are data-intensive tasks, all of which may be made easier through the use of an IWMS.TRIRIGA’s Energy Manager module, designed to help companies track and measure their energy usage throughout all facilities in their portfolio, can help lower your energy costs while reducing emissions and waste by helping you identify areas where improvements may be made.

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