• Put campus facilities and assets to their best uses
  • Driving energy and operational savings
  • See all campus facilities at a glance and properly allocate space
  • Meet cost recovery and grant funding requirements
With such a diverse composition of buildings, Universities and Colleges face unique challenges when it comes to managing their facilities. Additionally, they must meet cost recovery and grant funding requirements all while attempting to streamline operations, maximize use of their facilities and minimize burgeoning costs as enrollment expands. Fortunately, IBM’s TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) is the solution that can do all this and more.

University Capital Projects Solutions

Universities and Colleges are frequently faced with aging buildings in need of new construction or renovations which can be costly and time consuming. TRIRIGA’s Capital Projects Manager delivers complete, enterprise-wide capital project and facility renovation management with tools that control project scope, time, and cost. Capital Projects Manager helps to reduce project risk, and ensures projects finish on time and within budget and will even track and manage vendor information.

University Asset Management Solutions

Facilities Manager’s in the Higher Education industry are tasked with overseeing numerous buildings sometimes across many campuses. IBM TRIRIGA offers tools to manage assets of entire campuses centrally, eliminating redundant processes and inventories. TRIRIGA also allows for the ability to manage building equipment and assets over time in order to reduce maintenance expenses and deliver high-quality service. While optimizing operations and maintenance spending is useful to every institution, it’s especially valuable to those with delayed maintenance.

University Space Management Solutions

Given the increasing costs for planning, building, and maintaining higher educational facilities, management of space is critical. TRIRIGA’s space allocation and optimization tools will help you make allocation decisions based on CAD drawings of all your buildings which removes the guessing as to how much space is available at a given facility when deciding how many people from which department would work best there.

This ensures adequate space allocation to accommodate your growing programs—but not so much that money is spent on unused square footage.

Added Value for Higher Education

While organizations in many different industries use IBM TRIRIGA to streamline procedures and get the most from their budgets, universities and colleges in particular, will find value in these features from eCIFM:

  • Extensive experience in higher education both as implementers and end-users
  • Indirect Cost Recovery: Use Principal Investigator to track grant funding and to match all grant funding to specific spaces on campus
  • Campus-Wide Floor Plans: Precise maps show panoramic views of all campus operations for easier centralized management as well as space planning decision support
  • Mobile Apps: Put the power of TRIRIGA in the hands of teams onsite, allowing them to enter job-related details on the spot. This improves information quality overall, which helps you make better data-driven decisions.
  • Driving energy and operational savings
  • Improving building performance—and ROI
  • Tracking and maintaining facility analytics, including utilization, density, vacancy rates and chargeback

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