• A web-based system to automatically migrate your data into IBM TRIRIGA
  • TRIRIGA fields automatically populate with your historical data
  • No software to install or maintain

A Powerful Data Migration Tool for Your IWMS

Data migration is one of the biggest perceived hurdles in making the move to an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) like IBM TRIRIGAⓇ, partly because your organization’s historical data can live in multiple legacy systems. Some of the data may be properly formatted and ready for use, while some may not. Your organization’s records of where it all lives and in what formats might be insufficient to the task. Data migration also carries a non-zero risk of data corruption and loss. Concerns about the potential for lost data—or lost hours of productivity caused by a prolonged or trouble-plagued data migration—may be negatively influencing your decision to adapt to a new IWMS.

If you’re going to make the move to an IWMS or upgrade your current system, moving your historical data in a swift and accurate manner is crucial. When your IWMS has access to your full data set, you’ll be able to analyze past performance and plan for the future. The faster you can get it done, the sooner your new IWMS will begin to produce a return on your investment. To aid in this task, eCIFM created DataMigrator, a top data migration tool.

Use eCIFM’s Data Migration Tool to Move Information into Your IWMS

eCIFM’s DataMigrator is a unique web-based application that simplifies, automates, and expedites the process of migrating legacy data stores into IBM TRIRIGA. DataMigrator imports your data automatically from standard templates. It eliminates duplicate records from your data and ensures your data’s validity.

DataMigrator sets you up for success, enabling you to make the best possible data-driven decisions for all the assets in your organization’s real estate portfolio. TRIRIGA is an outstanding decision-support and business management tool; however, as with any other program, it’s only as good as the information it’s given. DataMigrator ensures that the information that goes into TRIRIGA is complete, accurate and available. It’s designed to be the top tool for:

  • Supporting portfolio data for locations, people, organizations and assets
  • Validating and loading maintenance data for work orders, PM job plans, events and procedures
  • Supporting project data for capital projects, funding, budgets and contacts
  • Loading and authenticating real estate and asset leases
Streamlined and intuitive, DataMigrator will work quickly to move your data into TRIRIGA, thus reducing the potential for lost hours of productivity from waiting for your new system to be fully up and running.

Getting Started with eCIFM and DataMigrator

At eCIFM, our team includes some of the world’s top IBM TRIRIGA experts. Many of us have used the software ourselves on the industry side, so we know what users want and need. We want your organization to get the best use out of its full real estate portfolio as quickly as possible, which is why we created and continue to improve our products, which include DataMigrator, DataConsolidator and a suite of mobile apps that extend TRIRIGA’s usefulness into the field. We provide training and ongoing support to make sure your organization is getting the best possible use out of TRIRIGA. We’re ready to put our expertise and experience to work for you.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations increase efficiency, cut waste and make costs more predictable with IBM TRIRIGA®. If you’re wondering how long getting your data into TRIRIGA will take, contact us today—we’re here to make the transition as accurate, efficient and painless as possible.