Ecifm data consolidator
  • Combine a variety of document formats into a single file
  • Structure your data for use in analytics
  • Reduce inefficiencies & waste

A Powerful Data Consolidation Tool for Your IWMS

If your organization has extensive records and large-scale record retention and retrieval needs, consider the advantages of eCIFM’s DataConsolidator. This data consolidation tool extends IBM TRIRIGA’s off-the-shelf ability to collate and assemble information and can handle your organization’s unique data requirements.

DataConsolidator automates IBM TRIRIGA data and document organization. It bundles information and documents of varying formats into one concise file. Once bundled, it collates, sequences and formats your documents to save, email, print or view online. Data consolidation is a common task that most organizations must do regularly and repeatedly; having software do it for you saves an enormous amount of time—and therefore money. By packaging various data formats into a single continuous file, DataConsolidator also eliminates time spent compiling multiple documents, thus increasing productivity and reducing inefficiencies.

DataConsolidator is scalable and may be customized for an organization’s specific needs. It may be used from any web browser to organize and consolidate information drawn from TRIRIGA and other online sources—and from multiple file types—into a single source document, so that it’s handy when needed. Your data will be optimally formatted and organized for analytics.

Get More Value from the Data You Already Have

If your organization has extensive records If your organization uses TRIRIGA, you know how it helps increase efficiency, reduce waste and needless expenditures and find new revenue streams throughout your real estate portfolio. However, DataConsolidator helps users get even more value from their TRIRIGA investment by:

  • Creating easily-referenced real estate binders with lease documents, maps, site plans and photos
  • Generating maintenance work packages with work orders, procedures, floor plans, equipment schematics, warranty information and equipment histories
  • Forming capital and construction project packages with Gantt charts, project submittals, vendor quotes, status reports and milestones
  • Aggregating various file types, including Adobe Acrobat, Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, Word and various image formats
DataConsolidator will help you generate more revenue while saving thousands in operational expenses. It increases productivity, frees up hours for your team to do higher-value work and boosts overall efficiency. Clients see results immediately—and payback in fewer than fifteen months. When used with TRIRIGA, DataConsolidator will help your organization reach its strategic goals.

eCIFM’s DataConsolidator is the only solution for IBM TRIRIGA that organizes data and consolidates it for saving and/or printing. It is the only product in the marketplace that is capable of working in tandem with IBM TRIRIGA to bring together file types from the MS Office suite, images, CAD drawings and Adobe files.


Getting Started with eCIFM and DataConsolidator

At eCIFM, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations use IBM TRIRIGA to make informed and data-driven strategic decisions. We’ve developed products to help users get the best possible value out of TRIRIGA, including DataConsolidator, DataMigrator, and our On The Go! line of integrated mobile apps to bring TRIRIGA functionality into the field. We’ve also created industry-specific TRIRIGA solutions for education, finance, manufacturing & tech, retail, government and utilities. A certified value-added TRIRIGA reseller, we can install, customize and update TRIRIGA for your organization; we can also train you and your staff on the best ways to use it. If you’d like to get more value out of your data and eliminate repetitive tasks, contact us today.