eCIFM Announces Award of US Patent for their On The Go! (OTG!) Mobile app for IBM TRIRIGA

SAN RAMON, California, March 04, 2021 –eCIFM Solutions Inc. (eCIFM®) announced today that on February 16, 2021 it was awarded US Patent No. 10,924,546 B2 for their On The Go! (OTG!) Mobile application software for the IBM TRIRIGA Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

On The Go! Mobile is a suite of 8 integrated apps for iOS and Android used by technicians, inspectors, supervisors and space planners to manage complex facilities, assets and employee moves, adds and changes. OTG! allows organizations to “Untether their Workforce” while providing increased
accessibility and mobility for employees. The mobile apps in the suite are:

  • Requests On The Go!
  • Space On The Go!
  • Inventory On The Go!
  • Inspections On The Go!
  • Projects On The Go!
  • Supervisor On The Go!
  • Services On The Go!
  • Approvals On The Go!
eCIFM recently released version 4.2 of OTG! which includes enhanced offline data management and new application features. The Space OTG! app now let Space Planners walk the floor to identify employee locations, space capacity and departmental allocations for planning the Return to Work. Inspections OTG! provides a comprehensive tool for Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) and asset life cycle planning. Employees can use the Requests OTG! app to easily submit work requests from their personal device and supervisors can approve and assign work to technicians from anywhere.

On January 04, 2019, eCIFM applied for a US patent for a STATE CONTAINER SYNCHRONIZATION SYSTEM AND METHOD for a mobile computing device (iOS & Android). The Abstract follows:

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A mobile computing device may comprise at least one memory that comprises mobile application instructions and a state container. The mobile application instructions may cause a processing device of the mobile computing device to perform operations of: creating, while in an offline mode such that the mobile device is disconnected from a remote application server, a local update packet corresponding to the state container; establishing, via a wireless network, a network connection with the remote application server, thereby causing the mobile computing device to enter an online mode; synchronizing the memory of the mobile computing device with the remote application server, the synchronizing comprising comparing a first timestamp associated with the local update packet with a second timestamp associated with the remote update packet; and initiating display of a graphical user interface representation of the second modified contents of the state container to a user of the user device.

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