Configuring and Customizing Your Integrated Workplace Management System

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The best Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) are designed to work seamlessly with your existing processes and workflows to help your organization run more smoothly and efficiently. After all, you shouldn’t have to change the way your organization operates just to use software—especially software that’s meant to make your life easier.

There are two ways to make sure your IWMS works well with your current way of doing business: You can configure it, or you can customize it. To determine which is best for your organization, it’s important to know the differences between the two approaches, as well the benefits and tradeoffs involved with each choice.

Configuration for Your Integrated Workplace Management System

Configuration is what you get with an off-the-shelf system. Configuration is by far the simplest and most straightforward option for your IWMS; it lets your team make changes as needed to a standardized software solution without having to write new code. Configuration may be done by whichever team members you designate and lets them choose options that work best for your organization’s needs. Many industries appreciate the straightforward benefits of software configuration; for example, auto lenders use configuration to keep up with ongoing regulatory changes and to optimize their addressable markets.


The fastest way to get your system up and running—and to move toward a return on your investmentLets team members who know your processes and requirements best make needed adjustments themselvesNo need for software coding knowledgeChanges will remain compatible with any software updatesReduced Total Cost of Ownership, as there are no costly customizations involved May require some adjustments to your organization’s usual workflows when the IWMS is first implementedOrganizations may need to customize an IWMS for a purpose specific to their workflows, such as helping it integrate with another system

While configuration is an ideal solution for most organizations, there are some situations in which customization might be necessary.

Customization for Your Integrated Workplace Management System

To customize an IWMS, the base code must be altered, which can be costly and challenging. Customization can be either minor or significant, depending on how your organization plans to use your IWMS; either way, a customization will require more time and expense than a straightforward configuration. If your IWMS must be altered to adapt to other software, those changes to the code will likely be handled by a third-party vendor. This is likely to be an expensive, involved and time-consuming process.


Coding is often the best way to integrate your IWMS to other softwareMay be the best way to create a new application area, such as mobile apps Higher Total Cost of Ownership, though the higher initial investment may pay off in greater efficiency and profitabilityLonger deployment timeMay not remain stable throughout software updates, as customized code is likely to require modification

Which Is Right for Your Organization?

Whether your organization opts for configuration or customization of your IWMS depends on how you plan to use it. Budget is often the be-all and end-all for most organizations, so the idea of configuring the out-of-the-box model of your software, with no costly alterations to the base code, can be extremely appealing. An IWMS usually works best for organizations with very large real estate and equipment portfolios; with so many buildings and assets to manage, keeping your IWMS simple is the wisest approach. If configuration is sufficient for your organization’s requirements, this is your best solution. Many organizations have also tweaked their processes to fit the best practices delivered with the software.

However, customization is sometimes necessary for optimal workplace management. If you need your IWMS to integrate with your other existing systems, it may require new code to work optimally.

Getting Started with an Integrated Workplace Management System

Whichever path you choose—customization or configuration—you’ll need the services of an experienced IWMS vendor who can talk you through your options and help you formulate the best plan for getting the most value from your software. If your organization requires improved automation, eCIFM, a certified value-added reseller of the IBM TRIRIGA® IWMS, can help you get up and running on TRIRIGA. In addition, we’ve developed TRIRIGA solutions specific to many industries, such as retail and higher education; we’ve also developed a suite of integrated mobile apps that can bring TRIRIGA’s functionality into the field.

Should you need customization, configuration or any other TRIRIGA-related services, such as upgrading your current system or migrating your existing data onto TRIRIGA, give us a call. eCIFM’s team includes some of the world’s leading TRIRIGA experts, all of whom are ready to create the workplace management solution that works best for your organization. If you’d like to learn more about what TRIRIGA could do for you, contact us to schedule a demo. We’d love to hear from you.


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