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We’re proud to have been an iOffice by Eptura Implementation Partner for years!

Looking for that Employee Experience? eCIFM is a Certified Implementation Partner for iOffice by Eptura. Our consultants work closely with customers to discover their requirements, interpret the challenges and plan for a successful deployment. Our decades of experience in the IWMS industry brings unparalleled knowledge of best practices and methodologies. eCIFM can provide turn-key implementations as well as training of system users and administrators.
iOffice by Eptura is a revolutionary platform that provides an enhanced user experience (UX) for space planning, physical distancing, reserving rooms, hoteling, visitor management, asset management and more. iOffice by Eptura compliments TRIRIGA by expanding functionality across the enterprise, while doing so cost effectively.

Introducing The “TriOffice” Portfolio Connector

The Portfolio Connector, or “TriOffice”, is an integration between IBM TRIRIGA and iOffice by Eptura, two of the industry’s leading Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). The foundation of these two software applications consists of buildings, floors, spaces and space attributes, which includes room types, capacity and reservable status. Using the Portfolio Connector, any changes made to these records in TRIRIGA are updated automatically in iOffice by Eptura.

For organizations that are currently using TRIRIGA and would like to implement iOffice by Eptura to extend their employee experience, the Portfolio Connector is the perfect time saving tool. This is used to populate the iOffice by Eptura database with the Building, Floor and Space data already existing in TRIRIGA, making for a speedy deployment. On a daily basis, changes made to spaces in TRIRIGA, such as room capacity or Space Type, are instantly updated in the iOffice by Eptura application.

Benefits of The Portfolio Connector

  • Keeps both applications synchronized in real-time.
The CAD Integrator/Soft Space configuration takes the convenience further. A single Auto CAD drawing, representing a floor plan, ‘talks’ to both TRIRIGA and iOffice by Eptura. Changes made in the drawing are reflected instantly in both systems. Even layer management is automated to conform to then aming conventions preferred by iOffice by Eptura.

Keeps both applications synchronized in real-time.

Leverages your existing drawings and data to get up and running faster.

Enables rapid deployment, reducing time and cost.

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