CAD & Drafting Services

Are your floor plans for real?

When it comes to facilities management, having an accurate accounting of your physical spaces is essential. The only way to do this is by incorporating electronic drawings into your IWMS and keeping them up to date. The larger, the more expansive your portfolio, the larger the effort to maintain these drawings, especially in a dynamic facility such as a hospital, where renovations and upgrades are ongoing. Furthermore, many organizations do not employ CAD draftspersons for this purpose and thus, may outsource this task to an architectural firm or drafting service.

The most important factor however is to begin with accurate CAD drawings and then develop a regimen for keeping them current. If your organization does not have any electronic floor plans and are just starting out with your space planning objectives, then there are options.

Getting Original

Most often the architects who designed the buildings that your organization occupies will have “as-built” CAD drawings on file. If a building was built ten years ago, then these original drawings would be accurate as of the day the building came into service. Having these files can be a significant time saver, versus having to start from scratch.

  • With original files in hand, an architectural firm or drafting service can update the drawings after doing a walk-through of each floor to verify the layout of walls, etc. (each floor plan being one electronic drawing file)
  • Once the drawings accurately represent the current layout, all the spaces on the plan need to be “polylined”. A Polyline is a closed boundary, a polygonal shape traced around the perimeter of walls and partitions.
  • Each polyline represents an office, a meeting room, a corridor, etc. Each of these spaces is assigned an identifier (a room number) that is entered as a text object inside the perimeter of each polyline. When this is complete, the drawing is ready to be attached to the IWMS system.

We Do It for You

eCIFM Solutions has a dedicated team of professional CAD draftspersons who are experienced with preparing electronic drawings for integration to your IWMS. Accuracy in the placement of polylines is critical to understanding and reporting on the physical environment. The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) maintains standards for measuring spaces in commercial buildings, so that lease and occupancy measurements are consistent across similar property types.

  • eCIFM will convert paper drawings to electronic files
  • We polyline CAD drawings to BOMA standards for you
  • Layer conventions are adhered to for your particular IWMS (TRIRIGA, iOFFICE)
  • We will partner with you to keep your CAD files up to date
eCIFM has prepared electronic CAD drawings for many customers’ facilities throughout the world. Just in the past year, our team of draftspersons have polylined over 100 million square feet of office and industrial space for our clients, with quick turnaround. There’s no faster way to get up to speed with your IWMS deployment than to let eCIFM be your partner.