Archibus by Eptura

We’re a proud business partner of Archibus by Eptura– a solution that lets you take control of your portfolio with an integrated, modern, web-based platform.

Archibus by Eptura provides comprehensive systems for optimizing your built environment, whether you’re keeping up with growth, reducing portfolio costs, or optimizing your environment to bring out the best in your people. Start simple, and evolve into a system that keeps your organization at the forefront of innovation.

The Archibus by Eptura Infrastructure

The ARCHIBUS suite of products helps organizations make more informed decisions that increase ROI, and company-wide productivitiy, efficiency and profitability. With tools applicable for every industry, ARCHIBUS is the answer for facilities that want a comprehensive solution for managing their space and people. 

Solution Overviews


Increase productivity and improve employee attraction and retention. Tools include:


Optimize your entire property asset strategy, from procurement to disposal, while enabling a full lifecycle strategy. Tools include:


The Archibus by Eptura Performance Metrics Framework is part of the Archibus by Eptura business intelligence platform that helps owners, tenants and outsourcing service providers quantify real property portfolio performance from occupancy, operational and financial perspectives. Tools include:


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