Approvals On The Go!

eCIFM’s Approvals On The Go! (OTG!) is designed for managers who need to approve work requests, clarify details prior to approval or redirect the request to another approver – all while working from their mobile device. Managers and supervisors are more accessible to their resources than ever when their input is required to move a project along. With mobility, approvers can be anywhere they need to be physically
while also being where they need to be virtually, and in real time.

Managers in the Field can use Approvals On The Go! to:

  • Review your list of assigned request approvals
  • Review the details of the request including attachments, photos and comments
  • Approve a request and add comments
  • Return a request with changes required to meet approval
  • Reassign the approver of the request to another manager
The productivity gains can be significant, when technicians or staff are not left waiting for their supervisor to be notified, and then to make a decision. With Approvals OTG!, the information needed to make a decision is right in the app, saving valuable time.

Work from Anywhere

eCIFM’s patented synchronization technology is like no other. In offline mode, OTG! works independently from the network and database so that users can be truly mobile and perform their duties without disruption. Unlike so-called Perceptive Apps, OTG! is a truly native application that doesn’t rely on a constant connection to the database. Data is synchronized when the device is back in range of Wifi or cellular. The mobile app
prioritizes data syncing, ensuring that those offline entries won’t overwrite any entries made by colleagues in the interim.

Like all of our mobile apps, Approvals On The Go! features:

  • Voice-to-text : Use both hands to work while making notes
  • Online/offline modes : Sync instantly while in range, or work offline and sync later
  • Barcode scanners : Scan barcode tags to see equipment history
  • Photo documentation : Take pictures to record asset conditions and completed work
  • Google Maps integration : Navigate to job site location easily

If you’d like to learn more about how eCIFM’s Approvals On The Go! can expedite your workflow, contact us today.