3 Questions You Should Ask to Improve How Your Technicians Work

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Enterprise-level business leaders know that the right tools can be game changers. That’s why many real estate and facility maintenance managers today use a tried-and-tested integrated workplace management system (IWMS) like TRIRIGA® in the first place.

But what if you could put the power of TRIRIGA into the hands of mobile workers who need it most? What if your supervisors, engineers, and technicians in the field could have a seamless connection with your IWMS to work faster and smarter? Well, that would be a game changer.

eCIFM’s mobile On the Go! applications were designed to do just that, and Services On the Go! (OTG!) gives your technicians all the power of TRIRIGA in the palms of their hands.

What If Your Technicians Had a Better Workforce Management Tool?

The days of printed work orders, handwritten notations, and messy file folders served technicians of the past well. Unfortunately, those practices are outdated and inefficient for a modern, mobile business landscape.

Practically everyone carries a mobile device. Smart real estate and facility management leaders have learned that mobile devices can be powerful new workforce management tools when paired with innovative mobile applications.

With Services OTG! your technicians can easily:

  • Receive work orders
  • Process updates
  • Work offline
  • Add time entries to assigned word orders
  • Automatically sync with your TRIRIGA database

What If Your Technicians Could Access Data Anywhere and At Any Time?

TRIRIGA is a workhorse for many reasons, and it does the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can focus on the big picture. That’s what a good IWMS does. Now imagine giving that behind-the-scenes, heavy lifting/big-picture focus to your technicians.

That’s what Services OTG! can do for you. Technicians will have all the data they need and all the functionality they want when they can put TRIRIGA into their pocket.

Services OTG! gives technicians a big-picture view of the entire work project queue—from project history, data readouts, asset inventories, comments, completions, and all the in-betweens—all from a mobile device. What’s more, all of this can be done in real time and synced with your TRIRIGA database so everyone’s always on the same page.

What If Your Technicians Could Streamline Administrative Tasks?

With great mobile device power comes great mobile application responsibility. Luckily, Services OTG! takes that responsibility seriously.

One of the most impactful ways OTG! applications help real estate and facility maintenance managers every day is to streamline important administrative tasks for different workers. Things like logging time, adding notations, and submitting records to supervisors are a necessary part of day-to-day operations.

Unfortunately, the more time your technicians take to do these tasks, the less time they have to actually complete their work. On the Go! applications like Services OTG! turn time-consuming administrative tasks into streamlined mobile processes.

Services On the Go! is the Solution Your Technicians Need

Technicians tend to work more quickly and efficiently on-site when they’re given the right tools. With the right tools, it’s easier to access data, streamline daily tasks, and increase efficiency. This is true for any workers, regardless of the industry.

Why make your technicians do things the old-fashioned way when newer, better mobile solutions are available?

Have Questions About How to Get More from Your TRIRIGA with Mobile?

Let’s talk. Contact us today to find out more about how  eCIFM On The Go! can help you.


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