3 Inventory Management Benefits When You Go Mobile

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Inventory Management is Easy When You Go Mobile

Inventory management is the beating heart of many enterprise-level businesses. All kinds of inventory are in motion at all times. As such, effective inventory management is crucial.

That’s why smart business leaders use mobile solutions that can bridge the gap between an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) like TRIRIGA® and the supervisors, technicians, and workers who keep your business running smoothly.

eCIFM’s suite of mobile applications is that bridge, and Inventory On the Go! (OTG!) is the answer for your inventory management challenges. The application makes it easier to overcome three of the most challenging aspects of inventory management today—accessibility, mobility, and real-time updates.

Inventory OTG! Improves Accessibility

Mobile integration and accessibility are where eCIFM excels. Inventory OTG! provides a simple all-in-one inventory management solution designed for organizations that use TRIRIGA.

TRIRIGA is an exceptional lWMS, but it’s been difficult to bring all of that management power into the field. With mobile IWMS solutions, you can access all of your TRIRIGA inventory data wherever you can carry a mobile device. After all, accessibility where you need it most is a must when you’re managing inventory for multiple facilities across a full real estate portfolio.

Inventory OTG! Provides Enhanced Mobility

Traditional inventory workflows are maintained using spreadsheets, physical on-site audits, and end-of-the-day database backups. It’s a method that’s worked, but in a mobile device world, there should be mobile device options.

With a mobile solution like Inventory OTG! you can easily:

  • See inventory quantities on hand
  • Update inventory counts
  • Add comments to individual items
  • Perform automatic discrepancy calculations
  • Enable barcode/QR Code scanning

Bridging that TRIRIGA gap using Inventory OTG! means you can manage inventory counts with ease from the comfort of any mobile device. It’s this mobility that makes best-in-class mobile IWMS solutions so valuable on-site and in the field.

Inventory OTG! Offers Real-time Connectivity

Inventory OTG! not only makes inventory counts and audits easier and more accessible, but it does all of that in real-time.

Real-time inventory updates are crucial for daily facility maintenance and management operations. Your managers, technicians, and workers can’t manage what’s available without real-time updates, which can lead to all kinds of discrepancies and inventory overlaps.

Fortunately, with Inventory OTG! managers can issue inventory—including details about quantities and where holds might be slowing the process—from any Inventory OTG! – enabled mobile device, and everything will be updated in TRIRIGA instantly. If you’re out of the service area, updates happen as soon as you regain service. This means no more waiting until the end of the day to assess current inventory before you dedicate valuable resources where they’re needed.

Mobile IWMS Solutions Are the Answer

Smart business leaders look for ways to make everyday tasks easier, less time-consuming, and more efficient. Mobile integration is the best way to do that for TRIRIGA users, and eCIFM’s suite of mobile applications is designed to maximize TRIRIGA mobility and accessibility.

Inventory OTG! is the answer you’ve been looking for if inventory management challenges are slowing you down.

Have Questions About How to Get More from Your TRIRIGA with Mobile?

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